Carbon Fiber Composites For Drones & UAV's
We offer a wide range of products from standard shapes to the most challenging solutions including carbon fiber sheets, tubes rods and carbon fiber drone structures
Carbon Fiber Composite For
Industrial Applications
Carbon light offering composite rollers for printing & packaging machinery, and offering carbon fiber drive shaft for cooling towers applications.
Carbon Fiber Composite For
Medical Applications
Our carbon fiber products offers unique properties including high rigidity and low weight, almost zero thermal expansion and radiolucency.
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Advanced lightweight composite solutions

Materials to fulfill your requirements

Carbon Light Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing of carbon fiber composite products for more than 10 years. The company focuses on providing complete solutions to its customer’s composite needs. These solutions are accomplished by a staff of technicians led by a group of experienced engineers who have many years of know-how in the design and fabrication of composite parts.

Our Product Range

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If you are looking for custom carbon fiber products, Custom Carbon Solutions is your partner. We can help bring your ideas to life, no matter if they are simple and small or large and complex. We have a 5–step process that can be tailored to your exact needs

Research & Development

Our research and development efforts are dedicated to creating lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective materials, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of the industry.

Design & Engineering

Our skilled designers leverage the unique properties of carbon fiber to create optimized structures for various applications.

Composite Manufacturing

With our in-house production capabilities, we maintain strict quality control, reduce lead times, and protect proprietary technologies.

Volume Production

Utilizing compression molding, we produce complex shapes with exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

Quality Inspection

Automated inspection systems, visual inspections, and manual checks guarantee that our products meet dimensional tolerances, surface finish requirements,

Mould, Tools & Fixtures

Through rigorous mechanical testing, material characterization, and quality assurance measures, we ensure compliance with industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Industries We Cater

Pursuing innovation and success across a number of industries



We specialise in the production of composite components for the defence sector, offering a wide range of solutions to meet industry demands.



We offers comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of composite products like drone parts, composite cover



We work with our customers side-by-side to design and manufacture cutting-edge technology  for radiation testing equipment, radiation imaging



We offers carbon fiber compostie drive shafts, hollow tubes composite vanes for motor transmission and other industirial applications.


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