Roll Wrapping


Roll wrapping carbon fiber tubes is the process we use for composite tubes that are smaller and shorter in length. Carbon light utilize prepreg materials of carbon fiber roll wrapping tubes. This manufacturing process is primarily used for producing small to medium diameter tubes of 0.250″ through 12.0″ diameter and lengths up to 8′ long. Rolled tubes are ideal for applications that require the highest bending stiffness and lowest weight, such as telescoping poles, automation robotics, idler rollers, and UAV components.

  • Economical production
  • Round & shaped composite tubing
  • Experienced Team

What Is The Roll Wrapping Process?

Sheets of pre-impregnated fibers called “pre-preg” are:

  • Wrapped onto a mandrel in multiple layers and angles
  • Externally pressurized and then
  • Heat cured to solidify

After curing, the solid composite form is extracted from the mandrel as a tube. Rock West Composites has vast experience and know-how with the roll-wrapping process and takes pride in our unmatched quality and efficiency.

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