carbon fiber rollers

Carbon Fiber Rollers

Carbon Light manufactures carbon fiber rollers for the packaging, paper and film, mining, printing, rubber, non -woven, slitting, food, and other industries. Carbon Fiber rollers have been long used in a number of converting applications as the lower weight and inertia of the rollers support faster web speeds and reduce vibration.

Carbon fiber is twice as stiff and has lower density than steel. Metal rollers need to be powered and controlled by complex electronic systems to avoid stretch and damage on films, but the lightness of carbon fiber allows the use of fewer motors, electronic drives, and control systems. 

Used by several customers in India as well as foreign countries, Carbon Light has been involved in manufacturing carbon fiber rollers for the last eight years and doesn’t plan to manufacture metallic rollers at all, even though 95% of the market is dominated by metallic rollers.

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