Carbon Fiber Rollers

Key Features & Advantages

Light weight icon
Light in Weight
high specific stiffness
Higher Specific Stiffness
High speed icon
Higher Roller Speeds
low moment icon
Low Moment of Inertia
temperature icon
Thermally Stable
corrosion resistance icon
Higher Corrosion Resistance

Rollers We Manufacture


Below are the types of roller we manufacture

  • Accumulator rollers
  • Air shafts
  • Calendar rollers
  • Conical sleeves
  • Contact rollers
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Dancer rollers
  • Guide rollers
  • Idler rollers
  • Impression rollers
  • Lay on rollers
  • Load cell rollers
  • News printing rollers
  • Nip rollers
  • Parallel sleeves
  • Pinch rollers
  • Pull rollers
  • Reel spools
  • Roll cores
  • Tension rollers

Quality Assurance

Each Carbon Fiber Roller is rigorously tested for its performance before dispatch.
  • All rollers are dynamically balanced as per customer requirements.
  • Each roller is checked for its critical speed on our specially designed speed testing rig.
It is the great attention to detail that make our rollers best suited for any industrial application.

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Whats is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber are continuous filaments that are high performance reinforcements for composites.

They are about 10 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel and about 1.5 times lighter than aluminium.

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Carbon Light Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing of carbon fiber composite components for various industrial and commercial applications.

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