Filament Winding

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The Filament Winding process involves two primary components. A stationary steel mandrel rotates, while a carriage arm travels horizontally up and down the length of the mandrel. The traveling arm includes a winding eye, which groups the roving’s typically of carbon, fiberglass or a mixture of two and dispenses them to the mandrel. As the mandrel turns, the roving’s wrap around it to form a composite layer over the mandrel surface. The precise orientation of the composite matrix is determined by the rate of travel of the carriage and by the rotational speed of the mandrel, both of which are automated.

Before encountering the mandrel, the fibers are impregnated in a resin, which later solidifies with the fiber to create the final composite material. Resin type, fiber type, winding thickness, and winding angle are all engineered for product optimization.


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